Introduction to Assets

You can easily manage your assets across departments, locations, and facilities with the StrideERP. The asset record manages all transactions related to an Asset, such as purchases, sales, depreciation, scrapping, movement, or maintenance. As a result, your company can increase asset uptime, reduce costs and reduce risks

In StrideERP, fixed assets such as computers, furniture, cars, etc. can be maintained and managed for depreciation, sale, or disposal. You can track the location of assets and keep records of employees who use those assets. Additionally, you can manage maintenance details for your assets.

1. Topics

1.1 Maintenance

  1. Asset Maintenance Team
  2. Asset Maintenance
  3. Asset Maintenance Log
  4. Asset Value Adjustment
  5. Asset Repair

1.2 Items & Pricing

  1. Item
  2. Item Price
  3. Item Manufacturer
  4. Item Alternative