Leave Period

A Leave Period is a duration of time for which leaves are allocated.

Most companies manage leaves based on a Leave Period, corresponding to a calendar year or the fiscal year.

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Leave Period, it is advisable to create the following:

2. How to create a Leave Period

To create a new Leave Period go to

People > Configuration > Leave Period

The Leave Period also allows you to select a Holiday List for Optional Leaves (optional) which will be considered for allocating Optional Leaves for the period.

Note: The 'Holiday List for Optional Leaves' is not the same as the usual 'Holiday List'. This list will contain a list of optional holidays only. 'Holiday List for Optional Leaves' can be created from the Holiday List document. You can create two Holiday Lists for a Leave Period; one containing the usual set of holidays and the other for optional holidays.

Additionally, you can check the 'Is Active' checkbox if you want to enable this particular Leave Period.

Leaves will be granted using Leave Policy Assignment