Assignment Rule

An Assignment Rule is a tool that allows you to automatically assign documents to users. It can be used to distribute support tickets among employees who handle support.

1. Pre-requisite

No Pre-requisite required

2. How to create an Assignment Rule

To Create a new Assignment Rule, go to:

Admin > Build > Assignment Rule

You can use properties of the document in the Description field that will be part of the assignment. Higher 'Priority' Assignment Rules will be applied first.

2.1 Multiple Assignment Rules

You can also set up multiple auto assignments for each Document Type, the one with the highest Priority will be applied first.

2.2 Setting Due Date for assignment

You have the option to automatically set due dates for assignments by using the date field from the reference document.


  • "Due Date Based On" option will not be available if "Document Type" is not yet selected or if the selected Document Type does not have any "Date" or "Datetime" field.
  • Due Date in the assignment/ToDo will be updated whenever the "Due Date Based On" field value is updated in the reference document.