Job Offer

Job Offer is given to selected candidates after interview and selection which states the offered salary package, designation, grade, department, number of days entitled for leave among other information.

In StrideERP you can make a record of the Job Offers that you can give to candidates.

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Job Offer, it is advisable to create the following:

2. How to Create a Job Offer

To Createa new Job Offer go to

People > Staffing > Job Offer
Note: A Job Offer can be made only against a Job Applicant

3. Features

3.1 Job Offer Terms

In this section, you can enter the Job Offer Term such as job description, notice period, incentives, leaves per year, etc. and specify its Value/ Description.

3.2 Select Terms and Conditions

All the Terms and Conditions related to the Job Offer can be specified in this section. To do this, create a new Terms and Conditions template and link it to the Job Offer.

3.3 Printing Details

You can create a pre-designed print format to print you Job Offer. To do so, select the Letter Head and Print Heading in the Printing Details section.