In StrideERP, the Notification doctype is used to define notifications that can be sent to users when certain events occur within the system. These events can include changes to data or documents, and the notifications can be sent via email, desktop notifications, or mobile push notifications.

The Notification doctype allows you to define the criteria for when a notification should be sent, including specifying the document type and event that triggers the notification, and setting filters to narrow down the scope of the notification. You can also customize the content of the notification message using templates, and define which users or roles should receive the notification.

1. Pre-requisite

No Pre-requisite required

2. How to Create a new Notification

To create a new Notification, go to:

Admin > Build > Notification

3. Features

3.1 Multiple notification channels

Notifications can be sent via email, SMS, or other messaging platforms.

3.2 Flexible message templates

Users can customize the content and formatting of the notification messages, including dynamic fields that are automatically populated with data from the StrideERP system.

3.3 Configurable recipients

Users can specify who should receive the notifications, such as specific users, roles, or email addresses.