Leave Application

Leave Application is a formal document created by an Employee to apply for Leaves for a particular time period.

StrideERP allows your employees to apply for leaves via Leave Applications and get them approved by the Leave Approvers.

1. Prerequisites

Before you create a Leave Application, it is advisable you have the following documents:

2. How to create a Leave Application

To access Leave Application, go to:

People > Productivity > Leave Application

Note: Leave Application cannot be submitted if the Salary is already processed for the leave period.

The Leave Application process flow is summarized below:

  • The employee applies for leave through Leave Application.
  • Approver gets notification via email.
  • Approver reviews Leave Application.
  • Approver approves/rejects/cancels Leave Application
  • The employee gets the notification on the status of his/her Leave Application

3. Features

3.1 Setting Leave Approver

A leave approver is a user who can approve a Leave Application of an Employee.Leave Approvers can be set at two levels:

  • Department Level: Leave Approvers for each department can be configured in the Department master. Multiple Leave Approvers can be set in a Department. The first Leave Approver in the list will be considered as the default Leave Approver.
  • When an Employee belonging to a particular department applies for leave, the Leave Approvers set in that Employee's department master will be considered as his Leave Approvers.

  • Employee Level: Leave Approvers can also be set Employee-wise in the employee master

If Leave Approvers are set at both Employee-level and Department-level, the Employee-level Leave Approver will be considered as the default Leave Approver in this case.

When a new Leave Application is created, if the selected leave approver does not have access to it, the document is shared with the approver with "submit" permission.

Tip: If you want all users to create their own Leave Applications, you can set their “Employee ID” as a match rule in the Leave Application Permission settings.

Additional Notes:

  • Leave Application period must be within a single Leave Allocation period. In case, you are applying for leave across the leave allocation period, you have to create two Leave Application records.
  • Leave Application period must be in the latest Leave Allocation period.
  • Employee cannot apply for leave on the dates which are added in the Leave Block List