In StrideERP, the Branch doctype represents a physical or virtual subdivision or unit within an organization. It is used to define and manage different branches or locations of a company. Each branch can have its own set of addresses, contact information, and other relevant details.

The Branch doctype allows you to organize and manage data specific to each branch, such as inventory, sales, purchases, and accounting transactions. It helps in segregating data and providing a clearer overview of operations for individual branches.

1. Pre-requisite

No Pre-requisite required

2. How to add a new Branch

To add anew Branch go to

Management > Office > Branch

3. Features

3.1 Selecting a Leave and Expense Approvers

The Leave Approver and Expense Approvers field is used to assign an individual or role responsible for approving leave requests submitted by employees in a particular branch. When an employee applies for leave, the assigned Leave Approver will review the request and either approve or reject it based on company policies and availability.

By assigning separate Leave and Expense Approvers for each branch, StrideERP allows for decentralized approval processes, ensuring that requests and claims are evaluated by the appropriate individuals within the corresponding branch. This helps streamline and expedite the approval workflows for leaves and expenses across different branches of the organization.