Access Log

Access Log is a security feature that logs all data exports by all users in the system.

It is a tool for System Managers to track which files were accessed or exported by users on the system. This is useful for tracking your company's sensitive information like transactions or financials.

Access logs are created in the following events:

  • Printing of all Forms and Reports
  • Private file downloading
  • Exporting via XLSX/CSV formats

1. Pre-requisite

No pre-requisite needed

2. How to check Access Log

In StrideERP, Access Log is available to System Managers, it can be accessed using the Global Search or through:

Admin > Users > Access Log

In case an access log is created on the event of exporting a Report, a Show Report button will be generated in the respective log. On clicking this button, the exported report can be viewed along with the set filters.

Similarly, a Show Document button is generated in case of events related to documents directly such as document Printing and Private File download.