Leave Encashment

Leave Encashment refers to an amount of money received in exchange for Leaves not availed by an Employee. You can submit Leave Encashment for Leave Types which are encashable.

1. Prerequisites

Before creating Leave Encashment, it is advisable you create the following documents:

2. How to create a Leave Encashment

To access Leave Encashment, go to:

People > Productivity > Leaves > Leave Encashment

Note: As you select Employee and Leave Type, Leave Balance and Encashable Days (which is total leave balance minus the threshold days set in Leave Type) will be shown along with the Encashment Amount based on the Leave Encashment per day as configured in the Employee's assigned Salary Structure.

On submitting a Leave Encashment for an Employee, StrideERP automatically creates an Additional Salary which will get added to the Salary Slip of the Employee when processing the payroll.