Energy Point Rule

Energy Points System is a rating/karma system that you can enable for your organization.

This system can be used to track the performance of each user.

To enable Energy Point System go to Energy Point Settings check Enabled.

1. Pre-requisite

No Pre-requisite required

2. What are Energy Point Rules?

Energy Point Rules store the information about the activity and the value of points to be allocated.

Energy Point Rule has the following fields:

Field Description
Reference DocType Document Type you want to apply the rule on eg. Task, ToDo, Issue, etc.
For Document Event Options: Save, Submit, Cancel, and Custom.
Note: If "Custom" option is selected then the "Conditions" field becomes mandatory
Points Points to be allocated.
Allot Points To Assigned Users If checked, users assigned to the reference document will get points. eg. If users Reema and Jai are assigned to a particular task then both of them i.e, Reema and Jai will get points when the document fulfills the condition
User Field Field from which user will be selected eg. Resolved By, Modified By, Owner, etc. can be used. If Modified By is selected, the last person to satisfy the doc condition will get the points.
Multiplier Field Field which stores value for the multiplier. This field can take numeric and decimal values which will be multiplied with points defined in the rule.
For example: 2 (multiplier) * 10 (points set in the rule) = 20 points
Condition Condition for the point allocation.
eg. doc.status == 'Closed'
The above condition will check whether the status field in the document is 'Closed' and if yes then the points will be allocated to the user.
Apply Only Once The rule will be applied only once per document.

Note: User Field and Multiplier Field are fetched from the reference doctype.

3. How to create Energy Point Rules?

To Create a new Energy Point Rules go to

People > Deployment > Energy Point Rule

Take a look at the following example rule:

Suppose, you want to create a rule where a user gets points on completing a task, So when any user completes the task he/she will be rewarded with 5 points. you can do so by creating following rule

Other cases can be covered similarly.

4. Features

4.1 Auto Point allocation

Based on energy point rules created, users will automatically get points when they complete activities which are tracked using the Energy Point System.

3.2 Review System

Review system can be used to "Appreciate" or "Criticize" someone's work.

For reviewing, the user needs to have review points which can be assigned by System Manager through Energy Point Settings.

You can also setup auto review point allocation from 'Energy Point Settings':