Sales Partner

Sales Partners are individuals or organizations that help you grow your business. They can have various names in StrideERP such as Distributors, Dealers, Agents, Retailers, etc. For each Sales Partner, you can set a commission rate. When you choose a Sales Partner in a transaction, their commission is calculated based on the Net Total of the Sales Order/Invoice or Delivery Note.

1. Pre-requisite

No Pre-requisite required

2. How to Create a Sales Partner

To Create a Sales Partner go to

Sales > Contracting > Sales Partner

3. Features

3.1 Address and Contact

You can add and track a Sales Partner's Addresses and Contact details. These can be added in the Address & Contacts section in a Sales Partner

3.2 Including Sales Partners in Your Website

To include the name of your Partner on your website, tick the "Show in Website" checkbox. When you click on "Show in Website", you will see a field where you can attach the logo of your partner's company and enter a brief introduction of the partner, and optionally add a description for internal purposes/references.

3.3 Track Sales via Sales Partner

Sales Partners can actively generate leads for your company products/ services. To track the performance of each sales partner use Referral Code and their URL. URL should be sent to the sales partner to use in their website/campaign.

e.g. A URL having "sp" as a parameter like this will capture the Sales Partner Information in the Sales Order generated via Shopping Cart.