Quality Review

A Quality Review is a record of the performance against Quality Goal at regular intervals.

A Quality Review is an inspection with a specific structure, defined roles, and procedure designed to ensure a product's completeness and adherence to quality standards. The Quality Review is used to check if all Objectives of a Quality Goal have been achieved.

1. Prerequisites

Before creating and using a Quality Review it is advised to create the following first:

2. How to Create a Quality Review

To access the Quality Review list, go to:

Management > Quality > Quality Review

Note: If the Quality Procedure is linked to the Quality Goal, the Quality Procedure will be fetched in the Quality Review.

You can also add some notes in the 'Additional Information' section.

3. Features

Periodic Auto Creation

if you have set the frequency of review in your Quality Goal, then the Quality Review will automatically be created and its status will be set to "Open". The quality manager can then check open reviews and complete the inspection.

4. Next Steps

After you have completed a Quality Review, you can create a Quality Action against it if you want to record any corrective or preventive actions