Support Settings

All the global settings for support related documents can be found in Support Settings.

1. Prerequisites

No Pre-requisites are required

2. How to Create Support Setting

To access Support Settings, go to:

Support > Support Settings

3. Service Level Agreements

3.1 Track Service Level Agreement

Enable this feature to start using and tracking Service Level Agreement in Issues.

3.2 Allow Resetting Service Level Agreement

This allows a User to reset the Service Level Agreement in Issues. User will get a button to 'Reset Service Level Agreement'for Open Issues in the Service Level tab. Clicking on the button before the SLA fails will reset the SLA. The support team user will have to state a reason for resetting the SLA.

4. Issues

4.1 Close Issue After Days

Any "Replied" or "Resolved" issue will be closed after the number of days defined in this field. However, if the Customer replies to a closed Issue, the Issue will Open again.