With WooCommerce Integration, when an order is placed on WooCommerce, the system automatically generates Sales Orders in StrideERP through the WooCommerce webhook.

If any Customer or Item is not found in StrideERP while creating the Sales Order, the system will create a new Customer/Item based on the corresponding details from the WooCommerce order data. Additionally, it creates an Address associated with the Customer by utilizing the shipping information provided in the order data.

1. Pre-requisite

No Pre-requisite required

2. How to set up WooCommerce?

2.1 Generate API Key and API Secret

  1. From your WooCommerce site's sidebar, click on Settings.
  2. Click on the "Advanced" tab then click on the REST API link.
  3. Click on "Add key" button. Provide the necessary details and click on "Generate API key" button.

3. Woocommerce Settings

To access Woocommerce go to

Admin > Integration > Woocommerce

3.1 Woocommerce Webhook Settings

  1. Now from your woocommerce site's sidebar, go to Settings.
  2. Click on the "Advanced" tab then click on the Webhooks link and then click on "Add webhook" button.
  3. Give the webhook a name of your choice.
  4. Click on Status dropdown and select "Active".
  5. Select Topic as "Order created".
  6. Copy the "Endpoint" from "Woocommerce Settings" doctype in your StrideERP site and paste it in "Delivery URL" field.
  7. Copy "Secret" from "Woocommerce Settings" doctype in your StrideERP site and paste it in "Secret" field.
  8. Keep API VERSION as it is and click on Save Webhook. Now it is successfully set up.
Note: In the above screenshot and GIF, in place of delivery url on woocommerce website, you need to paste the url you will obtain after saving the "Woocommerce Settings" in the "Endpoint" field in your StrideERP instance. Here other URL was pasted as localhost was being used.

4. Features

4.1 Defaults

In the Woocommerce Settings DocType:

  • Warehouse: This Warehouse will be used to create Sales Orders. The default Warehouse is "Stores".
  • Delivery After (Days): This is the default offset (days) for the Delivery Date in Sales Orders. The default offset is 7 days from the order placement date.
  • Sales Order Series: You can set a separate series for Sales Orders created via woocommerce. The default series is "SO-WOO-".
  • UOM: This is the default UOM used for Items and Sales Orders. The default UOM is "Nos".