Introduction to Projects

The Project Management Module manages the operations of the company's project management department, its resources, prioritization and follow-up to ensure its timely completion by dividing them into tasks and assigning them to different people

Projects can be used to manage internal projects, manufacturing jobs or service jobs. For service jobs, Time Sheets can also be created that can be used to bill Customers if billing is done on a Time & Money basis.

StrideERP provides the main services in the project management department. These services operate on a specific business path defined by the project management. These services include: project entry and management, time and task management, resource management, cost management and reporting. These services provide ease of dealing with project requirements, as they shorten a lot of time, help achieve targeted results, and ensure increased efficiency and productivity.


1.1 Projects

  1. Project
  2. Task
  3. Project Template
  4. Project Type
  5. Project Update

1.2 Time Tracking

  1. Timesheet
  2. Sales Invoice from Timesheet
  3. Salary Slip from Timesheet
  4. Activity Type
  5. Activity Cost

1.3 Projects Reports

  1. Project Billing Summary
  2. Daily Timesheet Summary
  3. Project Wise Stock Tracking
  4. Delayed Tasks Summary